Caring For Your Flowers Unwrapping Your Flowers Leeds Flowers only uses the freshest flowers and therefore import all of their blooms directly from their site of cultivation in Holland. The flowers are then conditioned, cleaned and then arranged into either a bouquet or floral arrangement by our talented expert florists here at Leeds Flowers. Due to the freshness of our flowers we advise that your flowers may take up to 48 hours to fully bloom. Leeds Florists provide the best quality of flowers which are always fresh, this means that your arrangements will last up to twice as long, so that your friends and loved ones can enjoy them for as long as possible. Of course, our arrangements include different varieties of flowers and some will bloom earlier than others. If you will be placing your flowers in a vase of your own then please ensure that you remove any extra foliage. Leaving foliage on and letting it sit in the water will increase the bacteria in the water and this will affect your flowers. The gerbera, although beautiful, is quite vulnerable to large amounts of bacteria in the water. Flowers Leeds suggest that you should always freshly cut your flowers before you place them in your own vase or container as this will allow the stems to take in a large amount of water, ensuring that your flowers will look bright and vibrant. If the stems are dry then water will not reach your flowers, therefore you should cut them regularly to ensure that they do not die of thirst. Florists Leeds advise that you cut the stems at an angle and also at around 2cm above the end of the stem, therefore ensuring long lasting freshness. It has been common practice to smash the end of the stems in order to increase water flow, however Leeds Flowers would advise against this as you may damage the vessels within the stems, thereby affecting your flowers’ ability to absorb water. Arranging Your Flowers Once you have unwrapped your gorgeous flowers from Leeds Florists you can prepare them in a vase or container of your choosing. We can arrange your flowers in a vase for you, provided by ourselves at little extra cost, to save you the time of arranging the flowers yourself. Ensure that the container you use is clean and fill it with lukewarm water so as to aid the flow of water through the stem of the bloom. We provide a care packet along with your beautiful flowers which consists of a booklet advising you on how to best care for your flowers and we also provide a sachet of flower food to promote growth. It is advised to add the flower food to the container before adding your flowers, and then ensure that the water does not reach the foliage of your flowers as this will increase the growth rate of bacteria in the water. Temperature and Display Area Flowers Leeds recommend that you keep your flowers somewhere with a temperature of 18-22 Celsius at most. In high temperatures flowers will wilt and in colder temperatures your flowers can be damaged due to frost. Your flowers will last much longer if you keep them in a cool place, especially if they are kept out of direct sunlight and other such sources of heat, for example radiators and electrical appliances. If you leave them somewhere too warm them your flowers will become withered and damaged. Another variable that can have adverse effects on your flowers are ripening fruits. When fruits are ripening they produce small amounts of ethylene gas which can sometimes increase the growth rate of your flowers, and this will stunt the life span. If you have any questions or queries on how to care for your flowers from Leeds Florists then please do not hesitate to contact one of our professional florists by email or phone and they will be happy to help you in any way that they can.